A full range of modern warehousing services

Warehousing Services

Express Kenya Limited is the largest warehouse keeper in Kenya with customs bonded warehouses and general warehouses in Nairobi with a total of 50,333 cubic meters’ and over 40,000 cubic meters of covered secure space.

Our open warehouses for out-of-gauge cargo are also very secure. The warehouse setup is at Express Kenya’s principle place of business- Etcoville road, off Road A, off Enterprise Road in the Industrial Area.

Express Kenya can provide accurate computerized reports of tonnages handled in and out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and information on truck turn-around and fork lift services.
We have 24 hour CCTV surveillance complimented by guards, dogs, alarms and electric fences.


The services of this facility are offered to all the major shipping lines. Our yard has ample space to store over 700 containers, which is accessible by road and rail, providing storage for cargo coming from all over the world.

Services offered here include provision of secure storage, cleaning, repairs and handling of empty containers.

Minimal processing times
Modern technology
Experienced staff
Top quality