Express Kenya

Fast & safe shipping. Every time. Everywhere.

Careful handling of valuable goods
Low operational costs
Optimization Programs
Employers uniform standards
24/7 Technical support
Minimal processing times

Cargo insurance

Coverage against all risks of physical loss or damage.

24/7 Support

We provide 24 hour seven days a week support to our clients

Perfect timing

We bring the responsibilities of several suppliers under one roof.

50333+m3 of storage

We hold the largest capacity of storage in Kenya

Quality logistic services

A full range of quality logistic services within Kenya as well as within the wider COMESA region.

Road freight

Express Kenya’s fleet of over 80 prime movers, consisting of trucks, small vans, trailers, low loaders.

Railway freight

We have cut down the delivery time of goods by utilizing the Standard Gauge Railway Services

Air freight

Strategically located at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and connected to customs department.

Water freight

Express Kenya PLC handles all customs documentation for imports and exports

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Kenya Airways